Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Attacks on Prevention and Its Role in Health Reform That Make No Sense

I am a supporter on Health Care for All. I also worked in the Natural Food Industry and know the power of proper diet and supplements. I do not question the value of preventative medicine in increasing and enhancing our years on this earth. However, I disagree with the premise that Taxpayers will save money. Although the benefits of Universal Health Care far out way the costs, THERE WILL BE COSTS.

1) No one lives forever. Everyone eventually dies. Even if the average life expectancy of Americans increases to 100 years or more, WE ALL EVENTUALLY DIE.

2) After 30 or 40 years our body starts to break down and we need Health Care. The older we become the more health care we need. While preventative health care, proper diet and supplements most probably will increase our lifespan, enhance the enjoyment of our life, and slow the breakdown of our organs, bones, etc. our body will still continue to break down and eventually DIE.

3)The older we get the more health care we need. More advanced drugs and Medical equipment (which come with higher hospital costs) will get us through more crisis, and we can expect a 100 year old person even with the best health care to recover from 5 heart attacks instead of 2 or 7 biopsies and radiation therapies instead of 3.
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