Monday, November 3, 2008

Doonesbury banned in Idaho, will be in NewPoliticus all week.

Doonesbury, Monday 11/3/2008

Gary Trudeau


Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Please don't sue me for copyright infringement.

I am publishing your cartoons only for this ONE week, the week of the election, because the Idaho Statesman has banned your latest offerings for that week and other newspapers may follow suit. I hope their readers will come to my site to read your great work, as I believe in your First Amendment rights. Censorship in any form is un-American.

Newspapers have no problem publishing the "bulls###" of politicians on their front pages, but won't let cartoonists express creative realities in the "funny pages"? If a cartoonist can talk about a man from the planet Krypton flying, or talk about conversations that happened in the stone age, why can't someone dream of a black man becoming president. If Obama loses, all the characters can wake up from a dream next week.

UPDATE: More on newspapers banning Doonesbury


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