Monday, October 27, 2008

Worst GOP Robocall smear yet - Obama will endanger American Lives.



“This is Orson Swindle. I’m calling on behalf of John McCain and the Republican National Committee. John McCain and I were POWs together. I know John’s character, integrity, courage and leadership. He supports our troops and veterans. Over 300 retired generals and admirals, 300 retired staff NCOs [non-commissioned officers], and hundreds of former POWs support John McCain. Twenty-one past VFW and American Legion national commanders support him . They trust his leadership.

Democrats attempt to cut off crucial troop funding, accuse our troops of war crimes, and Senator Biden predicts Senator Obama will be tested. A weak President will, indeed, be tested. Obama and Democrats’ politics endanger American lives. They are not qualified to lead our military and our country.

When you vote, vote for the team that puts leadership, character and country first. John McCain.”

Another voice adds, “This call is paid for by the Republican National Committee at 866-558-5591 and authorized by McCain-Palin 2008.”

UPDATE: I called the number listed for the RNC 1-866-558-5591. I got a recorded message saying that I can either press "1" to add my number to the "Do Not Call List" or wait (till the beep) to leave a voice message.


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